Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SOLD OUT! "Heart" Valentine Cards

Nothing says “I love you” more than a red beating heart. Pack of five (5) cards measuring 4.5” x 6”, including white envelopes. Add a little humor and edge to your Valentine’s day. Designed by Chris Brown.

Pack of Five (5) $12.00 +Shipping/Handling - SOLD OUT!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

SOLD OUT! "Crack Heads" .08 Calendar

Crack Heads .08 Desk Calendar & Inspiration Guide - Twelve months showcasing Chris’ collection of cracked and faded doll heads. Spiral bound, printed on heavy, matte recycled stock. Pages measure 6"x7.5". Includes inspirational ideas on how to display these oddities in a modern setting & blank notes/photo pages for use throughout the year. EXTRA BONUS: A CD of twelve desktop calendar images for your computer so you’ll never be without a little Urban Prairie style, no matter where you are. Forward by David Butler of Art of the Midwest.

SALE PRICE: $18.00 each

Thursday, December 6, 2007

ON SALE NOW! - Found Object Necklaces

Vintage "Found" objects, all paired with leather cord in red or black. The cords tie at the neck so you can adjust to the perfect organic fit. Very limited supply.

Found Necklace One: SOLD!
Round metal with cool rust. Measures 1.5” - Black leather cord.

$22.00 Shipping not included.

Found Necklace Two: SOLD!Round plastic “50” chip. Measures 1.5” - Black leather cord.

$22.00 Shipping not included.

Found Necklace Three: Rectangle plastic with red number. Measures 3/4” -Red leather cord. Will choose number for you.

$18.00 each. Shipping not included.

Found Necklace Four: Round metal with vary numbers. Measures 3/4” - Black or Red leather cord. Will choose number for you. ONLY FOUR REMAINING.

$22.00 each. Shipping not included.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Urban Prairie tees, with the grassroots tagline "Alt-Country Style+Design". Available in Large Only (Small & Medium Sold Out) - Vintage white only. Ultra soft feel. Set-in collar and hems are grinded for distressed, worn in look.

Large ONLY!
$25.00 Shipping Included.

Vintage Dominoes in Burlap Bag: SOLD!

Eighteen vintage, most coolest "grunge" black, wood dominoes ever available - all stored in a burlap bag, pull tied with string. Back of dominoes engraved with eagle with arrows in claws.

$48.00 Shipping not included.

Flower/Insect Jars: SOLD!

Three vintage, odd shaped, thick glass jars with metal lids. The lids all have holes punched in, which makes them perfect for flowers or a collection of live insects. Jars measure 5" tall x 4" diameter.

$60.00 Shipping not included.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

World Bank Globe: SOLD!

Vintage tin globe bank from the Ohio Art Company. Dimensions: 4" T x 3 1/4" D Base. Circa late 1940’s or early 1950’s. Pakistan is not shown as a country; Korea is all one country; and the Gold Coast is still shown as a separate country. WORLD BANK - AS YOU SAVE, SO YOU PROSPER.

$35.00 Shipping not included.

"Vintage Softball" Collection: SOLD!

Nineteen "crusty" vintage softballs displayed in a white, slightly rusty metal basket. This collection would also look really great in a extra large ironstone bowl as a table setting. The metal basket can be used for other collections such as antique globes without their stands or Chris' favorite use - doll heads. Basket measures 9" tall x 14" diameter.

$120.00 Shipping not included.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Introducing Urban Prairie CURIOUS GOODS- Mini Collections in a Bag. Hand selected curiosities packaged together to help jump start your creative juices. Take the contents and display them as is for a cool little vignette or select individual items and build a larger collection. The possibilities are endless. Would make a great quirky gift.

Bag One: SOLD!
Contents includes a 4 inch vintage mini trophy cup with ultra cool patina, a antique doll arm, a aluminum number five and twelve different size white dice.

$65.00 Shipping not included.

Bag Two: SOLD!
THE RED COLLECTION. Contents includes a plastic set of teeth, five red dice, a “Illinois Red Poll Breeders & Associates Sale Show” ribbon circa 1952, three plastic numbers and a 6 inch “Wentworth Horticultural Poultry, Thrift and Tenant” Farmers Association FIRST place certificate circa 1923.

$65.00 Shipping not included.

Bag Three: SOLD!
NOTHING BUT TIME. Contents includes three antique pocket watches and five vintage wrist watches. A very cool collection for a side table.

$90.00 Shipping not included.

Bag Four: SOLD!
FLASH ME. Contains ninety-one vintage flash cards, circa 1960's - each measures 3"x9". These learning items from our childhood look really great framed in black for a modern, graphic touch. Now hip style can be as easy as 1+2=3.

$24.00 Shipping not included.

Monday, November 12, 2007

French Canteens: SOLD!

Three vintage canteens from France. Each one is capped with a different antique glass decanter topper to add a bit of "Urban Prairie" style. The original cork is also intact and hangs by tattered string. Also includes a vintage ironstone platter filled with additional glass toppers and wasp nests. A great way to add quirkiness to a upscale table setting.

The canteens measure 8 inches tall / ironstone platter 12" wide. All items sold as a collection.

$325.00 Shipping Included

Monday, November 5, 2007

"Baby Bottles" Assemblage: SOLD!

Chris’ new assemblage “Baby Bottles” is a collection of some of his favorite objects. This vignette is pulled directly from his upcoming .08 calendar & inspiration guide “Crack Heads”. A antique rubber stamp holder found in a small Texas town’s office building becomes the body for a vintage cracked doll head and hands. Nineteen crusty found bottles, some adorn with anitque rhinestone broaches, round out the display. A small, tattered ball of aged thread adds a childlike feature.

The rubber stamp holder with head measures 8"x9". The tallest bottle is 9". This assemblage is pure Chris Brown.

$375.00 / Shipping Included.

Monday, October 29, 2007

"White Wedding" Assemblage: SOLD!

Four items assembled together to create a odd “white” tabletop vignette. Well worn, off-white ACME cowgirl boots, lace and plastic 15th anniversary wedding cake topper, small bottle of Holy water & three white scale weights.

Carefully chosen and assembled together for perfect Urban Prairie style. Items sold as a group.

$120.00 shipping included.