Sunday, November 25, 2007

World Bank Globe: SOLD!

Vintage tin globe bank from the Ohio Art Company. Dimensions: 4" T x 3 1/4" D Base. Circa late 1940’s or early 1950’s. Pakistan is not shown as a country; Korea is all one country; and the Gold Coast is still shown as a separate country. WORLD BANK - AS YOU SAVE, SO YOU PROSPER.

$35.00 Shipping not included.

"Vintage Softball" Collection: SOLD!

Nineteen "crusty" vintage softballs displayed in a white, slightly rusty metal basket. This collection would also look really great in a extra large ironstone bowl as a table setting. The metal basket can be used for other collections such as antique globes without their stands or Chris' favorite use - doll heads. Basket measures 9" tall x 14" diameter.

$120.00 Shipping not included.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Introducing Urban Prairie CURIOUS GOODS- Mini Collections in a Bag. Hand selected curiosities packaged together to help jump start your creative juices. Take the contents and display them as is for a cool little vignette or select individual items and build a larger collection. The possibilities are endless. Would make a great quirky gift.

Bag One: SOLD!
Contents includes a 4 inch vintage mini trophy cup with ultra cool patina, a antique doll arm, a aluminum number five and twelve different size white dice.

$65.00 Shipping not included.

Bag Two: SOLD!
THE RED COLLECTION. Contents includes a plastic set of teeth, five red dice, a “Illinois Red Poll Breeders & Associates Sale Show” ribbon circa 1952, three plastic numbers and a 6 inch “Wentworth Horticultural Poultry, Thrift and Tenant” Farmers Association FIRST place certificate circa 1923.

$65.00 Shipping not included.

Bag Three: SOLD!
NOTHING BUT TIME. Contents includes three antique pocket watches and five vintage wrist watches. A very cool collection for a side table.

$90.00 Shipping not included.

Bag Four: SOLD!
FLASH ME. Contains ninety-one vintage flash cards, circa 1960's - each measures 3"x9". These learning items from our childhood look really great framed in black for a modern, graphic touch. Now hip style can be as easy as 1+2=3.

$24.00 Shipping not included.

Monday, November 12, 2007

French Canteens: SOLD!

Three vintage canteens from France. Each one is capped with a different antique glass decanter topper to add a bit of "Urban Prairie" style. The original cork is also intact and hangs by tattered string. Also includes a vintage ironstone platter filled with additional glass toppers and wasp nests. A great way to add quirkiness to a upscale table setting.

The canteens measure 8 inches tall / ironstone platter 12" wide. All items sold as a collection.

$325.00 Shipping Included

Monday, November 5, 2007

"Baby Bottles" Assemblage: SOLD!

Chris’ new assemblage “Baby Bottles” is a collection of some of his favorite objects. This vignette is pulled directly from his upcoming .08 calendar & inspiration guide “Crack Heads”. A antique rubber stamp holder found in a small Texas town’s office building becomes the body for a vintage cracked doll head and hands. Nineteen crusty found bottles, some adorn with anitque rhinestone broaches, round out the display. A small, tattered ball of aged thread adds a childlike feature.

The rubber stamp holder with head measures 8"x9". The tallest bottle is 9". This assemblage is pure Chris Brown.

$375.00 / Shipping Included.